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General Medicine

We treat cats and dogs for most general medical problems.

The patient comes first in terms of comfort and safety.

We practice holistic medicine for animals where the whole animal's well being is taken into consideration. We treat most common ailments using remedies that have little or no adverse effects, and we let time be the great healer that it is.

Our remedies include: Chinese and Western herbs, nutraceuticals, essential oils, flower essences, change in diet and more.


Our philosophy promotes reducing the amount of harsh pharmaceuticals and limiting the amount of vaccines and chemicals to only what is needed.


We work closely with the other general practitioners in the community, as we offer complementary types of treatments to what they offer. We also refer to a local specialty clinic for emergencies, orthopedic surgery, and internal medicine consults.


We do not provide emergency services, radiographs, or any anesthetic procedures.


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