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Blood Panels
We highly recommend antibody titer testing before blindly vaccinating your pet, as many vaccines last longer than the time frame that is usually recommended.

This is especially important if they are older or have a disorder that could make them susceptible to damage from over-vaccinating. For example auto-immune disorders, chronic allergies, cardiac disease, cancer, and many more.

We can perform any blood test that your pet may need for routine health checks.

We recommend yearly heartworm testing for pets of all ages and full blood panels annually for pets 5 years and older.

We also offer:

1. Rabies antibody titer testing though Kansas State University Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

2. Distemper virus and Parvovirus antibody titer testing through our local laboratory.

3. Full Allergy testing which includes environmental and food allergens through HESKA laboratory.

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