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Dear Natural Veterinary Therapy Team,


My name is Greenbean Carpenter and I am 16 years old. In February 2017 a very unexpected and unfortunate event occurred; I was completely paralyzed. I was only able to wag my tail and I needed help eating my food and going potty. I was told that I would probably never walk again, but my loving family did not give up on me.


My family decided to take me to Natural Veterinary Therapy where I received acupuncture and hydrotherapy from two amazing doctors. I am very thankful for all that Dr. Annette Richmond and Holly Heimer have done for me. Two months have passed and I am now able to walk, eat, and use the potty all on my own. I can also go for short walks now! Going for walks is one of my favorite things to do. Thank you!



Greenbean Carpenter

Underwater treadmill therapy and laser therapy

Acupuncture and Neuro-muscular electrostimulation.

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