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Several therapies can help animals with  musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders.


1. Manual therapy -- applies the knowledge and techniques from human physical therapy.

  • massage

  • passage range of motion

  • stretching

  • flexing and extending the joints


2. Cold Laser Therapy  -- is a deep penetrating light used along areas that are painful, inflamed, or where a recent surgery has taken place.

  • heals skin wounds - e.g. lick granulomas and hot spots

  • hastens recovery from orthopedic and neurologic surgery

  • reduces pain and inflammation

  • helps tendonitis























3. Chiropractic treatments -- are a gentle movement of vertebrae and other bones to help properly align the body. 

  • realigns the spine if animals have been shifting their weight due to pain

  • hastens recovery from acute trauma

  • reduces muscle pain and spasms

4. Neuromuscular Electrostimulation treatment -- is a gentle electrical current treatment for muscles.

  • reduces muscle spasms and pain

  • innervates nerves for pets with neurologic deficits










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